Jahan hamta Cyclet Co. is a manufacturing and assembling company for various range of motorcycles include:

     125cc, 150 cc, 200 cc and 250 cc with the brand names: Hamro, Hampa, Hamtaz, panic, Falat.

     Jahan Hamta Cyclet co. starting the activities from 2002 on area of 4200 square meters.

  In 2008 by relying on willpower and hard working succeed to expand and equipping production lines and increased the quality and quantity of products and moved the factory to Bonab (City) Industrial Zone with the area of 10,000 square meters.

  Jahan Hamtac cyclet Co. attempted to increase the quality level and that’s the reason of achieving ISO9001:2008 (Quality     Management System) certificate.

   So after 9 years with lot of problems in getting all the national and international standards, we have more than 200 active distributors and now the company is one of the TOP 10 motorcycle manufacturers in IRAN.


  The company is being implemented ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and IMS ( Quality Management System) that will be executed with the support of managers and staff's effort in near future.

  The main organizational policies are as follows:

1-      Production in accordance with national and international standards.

2-      Attempt to raise the quality of products.

3-       Trying to meet the expectations and customers satisfactions.

4-      Safety and health of motorcycle drivers in accordance with the traffic laws.

5-      Reducing traffic accidents with inexpensive and rapid products.

6-      Preventing and reducing environmental pollution and environmental contaminants and also obey the ecological laws and regulations related

7-      Providing latest models of motorcycles and variety of products.

8-      Utilization of modern machinery and advanced equipments and synchronize the products with developments in the world.

9-      Provide after sales service and responding to the customers feedbacks.

10-   Producing the motorcycles to low income community.



  Obviously, Achieving these targets need the cooperation of all employees and distributors.